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Inequitable commodification of land underpins our property law system.

The legal system has been used to reinforce this mentality through policy and the creation of jurisprudence hyper-focused on individual status based on race, gender and wealth. Access to land and water is further restricted by the limited amount of publicly held lands available. All these factors have dramatically affected people's ability to sustain a relationship to place and the more-than-human beings that inhabit those places.

Why create a legal clinic?



Attorneys are expensive and inaccessible to many trying to overcome historic land thefts, injustices and build stewardship programs.

Fern Leaves

Legal Expertise

Our current way of holding land is built through a complex web of contracts, deeds and encumbrances. Attorneys can help clients disentangle some of these messier concepts.

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The Need Exists

The clinic has grown organically from Sustainable Law Group's client base. Over the years, it's become clear that there needs to be a third space when it comes to creative land-based legal work.

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